Laura Zwisler

Lafayette Couples Counseling


I am an Existential therapist who specializes couple’s counseling and individual relationship work.  In session, I tend to teach lots of skills, offer weekly homework (so you can get some practice with the tools you’ve learned), and strive to make sure you understand the dynamics of your relationship every step of the way.  I use personality assessments to help you know yourself, and for your partner to know what makes you happy.  My ultimate goal is to have you so knowledgeable about your own needs, and your partner’s needs, that you can solve anything that comes your way with just the support of each other. 

 While I use techniques and methodologies from lots of schools of thought (including Gottman, PACT, EFT and RLT), I tend to call on what is most effective for the couple in front of me in the moment.  What is consistent throughout, is my lens as a fellow human traveler, a deep empathy for the struggle you are facing, and a genuine acceptance of the messier side of relationships.  At my core I believe that a great relationship can make all the difference for you, and I am always fighting to help yours emerge.  

 If this sounds like a good fit for you and your partner, I would love to offer you a free 30-minute consultation.  I invite you to come to my office, meet me, ask some questions and get a feel for the process.